Tuesday, November 19, 2013
Just another quickie here..

I got the Cpap machine on 6th November. I had an overnight visit to local hospital on 5th, I slept there with their diagnostics machine (variable pressure machine with oxygen saturation measurement) thus they were able to tune the Cpap with proper settings.

So I have been using it now about two weeks. It's hard to describe, how it feels. On the other end sleeping with mask and the hose does hinder sleeping (especially when turning in middle of the night), but on other hand I think I may have slept a bit better. I can't yet say that I'd be feeling much more energetic (or less sleepy), but it's still quite early. According some instructions it may take couple of months before the treatment really starts to show the full benefit, and I don't want to make too early judgement on this.


PS; for what it's worth (aka not much) I do hate the fact that Google keeps cramming that G+ system down to our throats. At the moment I can't even comment Youtube posts with my real youtube.account anymore. I should be using G+ and that's bit too much. IMHO G+ is the biggest failure on Google ever, and it should be terminated ASAP.

PS2; at the moment I have no idea if I ever return to make youtube videos. I hate these changes on youtube and don't really want to support Google with any add-revenue or free content.