Tuesday, October 1, 2013
Sometimes things indeed seem to move forward, and occasionally even at considerable speed. Since the last post I have been officially diagnosed quite severe sleep apnea. In a way it's a good to have some explanation to the overwhelming fatigue and long sleeping hours I have been having.

Apparently this sleep apnea has been happening for quite a long time and it just has gotten worse during the years. But when one lives alone, there's no-one to check snoring or breathing while one sleeps, so the early states have gone by without much notice.

When I try to think about the history, there has not been any single incident I could say that could be given as a definite start, most likely many issues I have had with daytime drowsiness and oversleeping during the years have just been early symptoms of things to come. If I now had to make a wild guess, I would like to say this sickness has most likely been around least a decade or so. 

And all in all, it's not the only thing happened to me during this time. Weight changes also affect the breathing, like to Allergies, Asthma, Stress and various infections one tend to have. Most likely all of them on one way or other. Also the sleep apnea has nasty habit on causing overweight and diabetes (which I thankfully don't have) due fatigue and limitations to ones exercising.

So, at the moment.. I have no idea how things move on from here. Apparently there aren't much what medication or surgery could do, it'll be mostly taking care the symptoms with weight control and the CPAP machine. I should be able to get the machine via heath care system, so it should not become too much economical burden, unfortunately at the moment I have no idea when that happens. It may be weeks or months (?) .

Ah well, at least the diagnose is there, and it's not all *merely in the mind* or 'just imaging it'..

ICD 10 : G47.33 Obstructive sleep apnea 
http://www.cpap.com/  Examples of cpap systems.