Sunday, December 30, 2012

As I mentioned briefly at my latest entry at DiyTao, I have been alarmingly inactive with everything; making, designing, thinking and writing lately. In the end I now decided to open this up somewhat and start using this old, long died blog (since 2008) for these bit more personal comments that are not so much in line with the DiyTao material.

Reasons mostly unknown to me, I've been needing a abnormal amounts of sleep quite a long time now. There has been no real medical explanation yet (still working on it), but I'm sure at least partially it's been due my unhealthy high stress levels some years back. I'm so not going to explain all that has happened to me since 2004 up-to 2012.

That said, a lot of good, excellent and amazing things have happened at these years. There have been many things I've done first time (like getting my Msc degree and running for parliament ) and many important closures for things that just have been left open years back. Stressful, oh yes,definitely.

I wish I could promise to you (and me) that this will get better, that I will be more active, more awake, doing more of the things I have wanted to do but have not got time/energy to. Unfortunately it seems to be somewhat out of my reach, out of my controll. I do hope there will be improvement, and that someday I'll reach the contribution level I'd consider acceptable.

PS: I have decided to keep those old 2008-ish posts available. Afterall, nothing wrong with them, just they aren't fully what I'd expect myself to keep on writing here from now on.