Wednesday, June 4, 2008
After a long time I have decided to start coding with Forth. It's kinda amazing language but I don't like to use it on normal PC class systems. IMHO it's a lot better for smallish Embedded hardwares .. like for example Parallax Propeller demo board I have been having over a year now (mostly unused, I have been way too busy). There is quite nice Forth (named PropellerForth) that is 10 kilobytes binary and runs native on that board.

There are only Serial port connection (with USB-ser converter) and not much storage on the board (32kB eeprom, having Propller boot image), but I'm hoping to add some auxilary memory and forth+asm code for in chip videodisplay+keyboard.

Parllax Propeller info:

PropellerForth author blog: